The well-being and safety of our audience, the artists and the team have top priority. Therefore, all events are based on a detailed hygiene concept. This concept is developed by the Kulturbande in cooperation with the City of Hannover. The hygiene concept is always based on the current regulations and could therefore be adapted at the beginning of the festival and if necessary during the festival.

Obligatory testing – All people who wish to enter the event area must present a negative rapid test from a test center, doctor’s office or pharmacy (max. 24 hours old). Please have proof of your negative test ready at the entrance along with your ticket and identification document. Vaccinated and recovered persons must also present a negative rapid test.

On-site test center – You can get tested directly at the location free of charge. The test station is located in the parking lot in Kneippweg and is open from 11 am to 9 pm. Please register in advance at to have a test performed on site.

After 20 minutes you will receive your test result on your cell phone. Please plan enough time in advance.

Why do we test? We want everyone to feel as comfortable as possible and party hard. According to our self-image, this includes giving you as much security as possible. In addition, we want you to be able to take off your mask on the premises and enjoy the summer air while maintaining the minimum distance (please read on under “Mouth-Nose-Coverage”).

Mandatory wearing of masks – Please carry medical mouth-nose protection (OP or FFP2 mask) with you. This must be worn in places where the minimum distance cannot be maintained. Please follow the instructions on the site. You are never required to wear a mask at your seat.

Seating – You can either book a table with up to eight seats or a double or single seat in a row of chairs. If current legal requirements do not allow up to eight people to sit together on short notice, the large tables can be split.

Contact Information – Both your and your companion(s)’ contact information will be collected during the ticket ordering process (name, address, phone, email). If you use the box office, your contact information will be collected on site.

Hygiene – You will have the opportunity to wash your hands on the premises. Disinfection dispensers are also available. The toilets and contact areas are cleaned regularly.

If you have any questions, please use our contact form.

Tickets are available online here on the website, directly at TixforGigs or at the box office, if there are enough tickets left. You can also buy tickets at the record store 25 Music. However, there is an additional presale fee.

Day/evening box office – You can buy tickets on site, if the event is not sold out yet. Please pay cash; ticket payments are not available.

We communicate sold out events on Instagram.

Seating – It is not possible to reserve specific seats. However, so that you can sit with your loved ones, you can choose categories during the ordering process: You can either book a table with three to eight seats or a double seat in a row of chairs. Single seats are also possible. If current legal requirements do not allow up to eight people to sit together, the tables will be split.

Ticket personalization – Please note before purchasing that the tickets are personalized and only allowed for the persons you specify. Subsequent re-personalization is possible online at TixforGigs.

Ticket refunds – If we have to cancel an event due to bad weather or increasing Corona case numbers, you will of course get your money back directly.

Ticket contingents – If necessary, the ticket contingents will be increased shortly before the festival, so that new tickets will be available even for events that are sold out by then.

Tickets for severely handicapped persons – If you have a B-certificate, you can buy a ticket for yourself and your companion online. The accompanying person can attend free of charge. Please select “Wheelchair ticket” during the ordering process. Please note further information under “Accessibility”.

KULTURWIESE – You also need a ticket for the admission-free events of the KULTURWIESE, as we use it to record your contact details. You can find these zero-euro tickets via “Kulturwiese” on the website.                                  

Age restrictions – Some of the chargeable KOMMRAUS events are for 16 years and older. When purchasing tickets, you will be advised of this age restriction. People under the age of 16 can only attend these events if accompanied by a person with parental authority. Transfer of supervision (e.g. by means of a ” mummy note”) is not permitted. All events without age restriction can be attended freely.

For further questions regarding ticketing please visit the FAQ of our ticket provider TixforGigs. For further questions please use our contact form.

Access to the site – The site is located on a level meadow. Access is via an approx. 500 m long, paved forest path. Thus, access to the site is unfortunately not barrier-free. Nevertheless, the Kulturbande would like to make it possible for everyone to participate in the events, so we offer a shuttle service so that you can get to the site safely – please read on under “Shuttle Service”.

Shuttle Service – We offer a shuttle service for people with mobility impairments and people with visible and/or invisible disabilities as well as their accompanying persons. There is no obligation to provide proof (e.g. a severely disabled person’s ID card). The transport service is free of charge for you and shuttles from the Beekestraße light rail stop directly to the entrance of the grounds. If you are unsteady on foot, impaired or dependent on a wheelchair, don’t hesitate to use this driving service. It is there for you. Your companion is also welcome to ride along.

If you are dependent on a wheelchair or walker, such as a rollator, please contact 48 hours prior to the event to use the shuttle service. Please include in your email how many people and rollies/walkers you would like to be shuttled. Please also mention the time you would like to use the shuttle.

If your mobility is limited, but you are not dependent on a walker or wheelchair, you and your companion can use a cab free of charge. It will take you from the Beekestraße stop to the entrance to the grounds. To order a cab, call 0511 3811. Simply show the cab driver your KOMMRAUS ticket, this will be sufficient as a driving authorization.

The departure point for the cab and the shuttle is signposted at the “Beekestraße” streetcar stop.

Lighting on the area – The events will be accompanied by a light show. Stroboscopic effects can also be used. A very small percentage of people may experience seizures when exposed to certain visual stimuli, such as flashing lights. Symptoms of these seizures include dizziness, altered perception, eye or muscle twitching, tremors in the arms or legs, disorientation, confusion, and brief loss of consciousness. A seizure can also cause fainting or convulsions, which can lead to falls or injuries. If you observe such symptoms in yourself or those around you, please notify our staff.

Pathways on the site – The pathways on the site are laid out with ground level paving slabs. These allow access to the seating area, gastro, information booths and restrooms. Barrier-free toilets are available.

The Ricklinger Bad (Kneippweg 25, 30459 Hannover) is particularly easy to reach by bicycle. Cyclists coming from Hannover can use the bike path along the Ihme almost the entire time.

If you use public transport, get off at the “Beekestrasse” stop. The Ricklinger Bad can then be reached on foot in 1 km. Find a suitable connection at the GVH (local public transport).

If you have to travel by car, you can use the parking lot in the Kneippweg. From there, the site can be reached after a 750 m walk.

It is very important to us that you feel comfortable at our festival. Therefore, all members of the Kulturbande are active in the working group We take care and trained in case you feel uncomfortable. If you experience or observe transgressive behavior, feel uncomfortable, or know of another person’s discomfort, please do not hesitate to let us know. There are always two sensitized team members on the premises with a We take care t-shirt to support you. Feel free to talk to them. Also, feel free to contact the bar or admissions staff and they will contact one of them for you. You can find more information about We Take Care at

Insults, obscenities, personal attacks, racist, antisemitic, homophobic or sexist remarks will not be tolerated on the KOMMRAUS premises. Anyone making such statements will be expelled directly from the premises. Symbols or signs that represent any form of discrimination are also not permitted and will result in immediate exclusion from the event if worn in public. If you notice that such borderline violations take place, please inform our We take care team.

Weather protection – Please keep in mind that we are hosting open-air. So bring your sun or rain protection if necessary. If you want to bring your umbrella, please use a small umbrella – “Knirps”.

Drinking water – You are welcome to bring a water bottle. You can also tap fresh drinking water on site. Please use a Tetrapak or a PET bottle with max. 0.5 l capacity.

Drinks and catering – On site we offer alcoholic as well as non-alcoholic drinks. There is also a food stand that offers vegan alternatives, among other things. Bringing drinks and food onto the site is not permitted except for drinking water.

Recording devices – Professional cameras or devices to record an event are prohibited and must be requested in advance. Use the contact form for this purpose.

Prohibited Items – In addition to drinks and food (other than drinking water) and professional recording equipment brought to the event, weapons of any kind, pyrotechnics, and any items that could put people in danger or disrupt the event are prohibited on the premises.

Age Restrictions – Some of the paid KOMMRAUS events are for ages 16 and up. This age restriction will be noted at the time of ticket purchase. People under the age of 16 may attend these events only if accompanied by a person with parental authority. Transfer of supervision (e.g. by means of a “mommy slip”) is not permitted. All events without age restrictions are free to attend.

Pets – Pets are not allowed on the KOMMRAUS premises.

Event Documentation – Because we want to capture our events, we have hired professional photographers to document the events for some shows. It is possible that the audience will be visible in some of the photos. The photos will be distributed by us if necessary. With the purchase of a ticket you accept this.

House rules – Please note the house rules. They are displayed at the entrance and at the Infopoint.