The cultural industry has been trapped for well over a year: Despite numerous creative ideas, the last few months have been marked by stagnation and resignation for most of us. Looking ahead to the summer, however, confidence has united us. We dare to look positively into the future and take the big leap. The power lies in the collective, in diversity and different strengths. So we joined forces. We – that’s the state capital of Hannover and the Kulturbande. Our gang consists of the cultural centers Faust and Pavillon, Indiego and Café Glocksee, Béi Chéz Heinz and the MusikZentrum. Together we dare something new: Unusual terrain, open air, 45 days non-stop program and everyone gets involved. We turn the large, green sunbathing lawn in Ricklinger Bad into a colorful playground for culture and let off steam together with all of you! We invite everyone to celebrate this summer with us. So, come on out to KOMMRAUS!

Fachbereich Sport, Bäder und Eventmananagement

Hannover presents itself as a cosmopolitan space for innovation, characterized by an intensive dialogue between science and business. Not only do the classic industrial and service sectors benefit from this, the cultural and creative industries are also flourishing. In this regard, Hanover is a center of excellence – recognized worldwide through its designation as a UNESCO City of Music.

The cultural office of the city of Hanover and the department of sports, public pools and event management work on a daily basis with creative artists, cultural organizers and concert promoters and stand for a lively live culture in Hanover. Both departments promote the work of the participating clubs and sociocultural centers. The goal is to enable the relaunch of culture. With the Ricklinger Bad, the city of Hanover also provides a venue that is one of the most beautiful baths in the city area and is an integral part of the public services in Hanover.

The Béi Chéz Heinz (“bai chä hainz”; short: BCH) is considered as THE cellar club of Hanover. Proverbial subculture full of concerts, parties, literature & playfulness. For over 25 years the club has offered an independent, alternative and authentic space for the realization of ideas. Another feature is the wide range of cultural offerings: from punk rock, ska, mental, rock and indie to jazz or cabaret. Monthly table quizzes, kniffle evenings or magic shows – a program for young and old. BCH offer the stage as a springboard for new and committed artists, combined with know-how and passion for the cultural sector. BCH also makes its premises available for video shoots, promotional photos, etc.

The two neighboring venues Indiego Glocksee and Cafe Glocksee are part of the UJZ Glocksee e.V., which exists since 1972. For decades, the two clubs have been firmly anchored in Hannover’s music and subculture. Their music program ranges from all varieties of guitar music to hip-hop and techno. The cafe is very well known for its free shows on tuesdays (ruby tuesday) and Indiego established a similar, admission-free series called Schmittwoch. The two venues are organized by two self-sufficient collectives, which, in addition to concerts with well-known bands and often jointly organized parties, also actively promote the promotion of young up-and-coming artists.

Since 1991, the Faust cultural center in the heart of Linden has stood for lively and complex cultural and district work. On the former site of the Werner & Ehlers bed feather factory, Faust has been offering a versatile infrastructure for art, culture, education and social affairs on more than 6300 square meters for almost three decades. In the various event halls, the Warenannahme, the 60s Hall, Mephisto and Kunsthalle, a wide variety of cultural events ranging from music, theater and literature to art exhibitions meet parties and disco series, as well as a committed, multifaceted educational and association’s work . With their commitment and projects, around 30 associations ensure interdisciplinary and intercultural work that lasts far beyond the district.

The MusikZentrum Hannover exists since 1993 as a non-profit limited liability company and is institutionally supported by the city of Hannover. The task of the MusikZentrum is to give as many people as possible access to active music making. This is done with a wide variety of offers: practice rooms, events, sound studio, vans (RockVan, MusicVan, SoundTruck), projects.

Kulturzentrum Pavillon, the house of culture and cultures in the heart of Hanover, is a self-managed place for culture, social affairs and politics. In 1976, the citizens’ initiative Raschplatz e.V. was founded and in 1977 won the right to use a vacant department store. The the citizens’ initiative is still the sponsor of the Pavilion Cultural Center. The pavilion developed into one of the largest cultural institutions in the city and is one of the oldest socio-cultural centers in Germany. Today, the Pavilion Cultural Center cooperates with almost 400 groups and organizes nearly 1000 events and meetings a year, including major festivals, theater productions, music and cabaret events, and socio-political exchanges.